Catching Up With Former Browns, Player, Anthony Pleasant, New England Patriots

by Doug Greengard

Anthony Pleasant

After twelve seasons in the National Football League, Anthony Pleasant finally has the game's biggest-and most sought after-prize: A Super Bowl ring. The veteran defensive tackle was a major contributor in helping the underdog New England Patriots defeat St. Louis in Super Bowl XXXVI. Now, as he looks at the achievement, Pleasant can see how God prepared him for it. "Being who I am and having Christ in my life has really kept me focused and kept me humble," Pleasant said. "Knowing that I didn't do it on my own and it's a blessing from Him. The word (of God) says that when you are obedient and faithful you're going to be blessed. He has blessed me, not for my own glorification but for His glorification."

Pleasant has not always had this perspective. He grew up attending church as a youngster but had not made Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior. "I didn't know Him," He said. "It's the same thing about being a professional athlete. A lot of people know of you, but they don't know you and that's how I was with the Lord."

In 1993, three years after coming into the league, Pleasant felt a void in his life and saw that coming to know Christ was the only way to fill it. He accepted God's promise of eternal salvation and began to experience the peace and joy that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. Through a career that has brought him to six different NFL teams, Pleasant can now easily trust God for the future. "You look at things and think what's best for you, but it might not be the best thing for you," he added. "I'm thankful that God has allowed me to be here. I've played twelve years and I haven't had any major injuries."

God's plan is definitely the best one.

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