Kip Wells, Pittsburg Pirates

by Doug Greengard

Kip Wells

Every time Kip Wells of the Pittsburgh Pirates steps onto the pitcher's mound, it is a reminder of who put him there. "I've had success," said Wells. "And for me to have success, I know where it's from. As long as I give the glory to God and don't take credit for the success I have, He allows me to do more."

Wells, traded to Pittsburgh in the off-season, has begun to experience what success is like in the big leagues. In 2001, when he spent the majority of his rookie season with the Chicago White Sox after being called up from AAA Charlotte, Wells notched four consecutive wins during a stretch in the latter part of the year. The six-three, 190-pound right-handed pitcher also dealt with great disappointment and frustration at times. "It's hard and it's trying," added Wells. "I'm at a relatively young age. I'm still learning a lot. There are a lot of opportunities to get down on yourself and to get too high on yourself. When things go well, give Him the credit and move forward. And when you have a couple of rough ones in a row, there could be worse things going on in my life than having a few rough outings. It's a constant battle, but at the same time, the opportunities that I have are priceless and I try to respect where they came from."

Raised in a family that was very involved in church, Wells never wandered far from the truth. Keeping his eyes on Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior, has kept the former second team All-American at Baylor University on the path to enjoying a victorious life.

"I've had a lot of opportunities this year to go out there and use baseball as a tool to reach kids and try to reach other teammates," Wells said. "He's blessed me with a lot of opportunities to have success and I try to give back as much as I can by using the platform He's given me to reach others. There's a lot of stuff going on and I'm just trying to do the best I can to serve Him well."

Wells knows his best pitch is the one for Christ.

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