Public School 'Anti-God' Philosophy Dangerous

by Jim Brown

AgapePress) - Christian parents in Connecticut are calling on a local middle school to ban children's books that promote Wicca.

Parents in Cromwell, Connecticut, want books like The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Harry Potter removed from the school library on the grounds that they give a negative portrayal of Christianity and expose young readers to magic spells and witchcraft. But the school is not backing down.

Dr. J. Michael Bates is pastor of nearby Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newington. He says concerned taxpayers have every right to protest the books - even if their children are in a Christian school.

"The public school needs to know that there are people out there who resent this stuff," Bates says. "But the problem is the philosophy of the public school system is such that even if they removed these books today, they'll put something back next month or next year that's going to be just as bad - because their philosophy has a 'poison' in it."

Bates suggests parents sit down with their kids and point out the dangers associated with such books. "I would explain to them exactly what's wrong with it and why it is anti-God and pagan," the pastor says. "They need to know that it's not just 'I don't like fanciful stories' and 'I'm against the Three Bears and Goldilocks and Superman stories.'

"It's not that we're against fantasy altogether because fantasy is a part of childhood," Bates explains, "but we're against the kind of fantasy that actually teaches a system that is anti-God."

Bates says since the philosophy of the public school system is so defunct, the best solution for the sake of the child is to remove them from that system.

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