"I was so afraid to die that I was just trying to save my own life. And I'd lost it. I didn't have joy. I didn't have control. When I finally said, 'If I die, I die for Jesus. And if I live, I live for him,' there was freedom."

Former Afghanistan prisoner Heather Mercer, arrested for sharing the gospel of Jesus.

"Today America and Israel, Christians and Jews, find ourselves allies in a struggle for the soul and survival of our civilization. It is time to bury old suspicions and fears, and unite in a new moment of solidarity."

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews founder Yechiel Eckstein in the Wall street Journal.

"If you were to ask me what is the greatest, most pressing challenge facing Americans today, I would say pornography, and I would say particularly pornography on the internet because I believe it is destroying more than 4,000 lives a day."

Southern Baptist Ethics & religious liberty Commission President Richard Land, in an address to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary faculty, quoted in Baptist Press

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