Radical Revolution:Elijah's Revolution - Book Review

Jim W.Goll and Lou Eagle, Destiny Image, 176 pages, paperback,$12.99
by Jesicca Mastrapa

A radical revolution is under way among the youth of America. In Elijah's Revolution, authors Jim W. Goll and Lou Engle offer up a call to this generation of young people to arise, sacrifice worldly pleasures, surrender to God and live wholeheartedly for him.

Using the biblical examples of Elijah, Esther, Deborah and Joel-revolutionaries in their times-readers are challenged to take a stand for Jesus, refuse to compromise their lifestyles with the values of society, and seek nothing but transformation through revival and spiritual awakening. The book also gives examples for recognizing the Jezebel spirit within society and its destructive agenda.

Goll, a veteran author, and Engle, a driving force behind The Call prayer movement, show readers that normal Christianity always has been extreme-calling for extreme devotion and seeking after God, extreme abandonment to His will, and extreme love for God and the lost. A revolution represents nothing less than the restoration of radical, raw and real Christianity.

Caution is in order, however. Readers who are content with a mediocre Christianity lifestyle should not read Elijah's Revolution. It is a war cry to all who want to live in radical holiness, passion and devotion to Christ

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