Connection Magazine Co-Hosting Mission to China

Revival Fires Ministry, the first organization to bring large groups to China for Bible distribution and ministry, is partnering with Connection Magazine for a mission's trip next spring. Connection readers are invited to go on this life changing adventure.

Bible distribution by Revival Fires volunteers goes fast and furious as the Chinese people are hungry for God's word, the Holy Bible. Connection readers are invited to a personal discovery of this opportunity in April, 2003.

BRANSON WEST, MO; According to the government leaders for the Republic of China, China's largest church building is the Bao-An Christian Church. Revival Fires World Missions of Branson, Missouri partnered with the Chinese Christians to help fund the massive project.

The majestic, seven story church building serves two different congregations who are meeting for multiple services each Sunday to accommodate the huge crowds. The facility has over 50,000 square feet. It has two separate auditoriums, one that seats 2000 and the other auditorium seats 500.

According to Revival Fires Vice President, Chuck Todd, over 1,700 people accepted Christ as their Savior at the weeklong dedication service in November of 2000. Baptismal tanks are located on two different floor levels so that new believers can be baptized. Prior to having their own baptisteries, baptismal services could only be conducted in the local streams and with the permission of the government officials.

However, Todd encouraged the Chinese Christian leaders to include the two baptismal tanks in their new building, so that all who confess Christ as Savior would be baptized in the likeness of Christ's death, burial and resurrection.

Participants for the dedication services included R. Charles and Helen Todd of Revival Fires World Missions, Mr. Zeng Zhiwen, the Vice Minister to the Unified Military Dept, Mr. Liao Jinghong, Vice Chairman to Bao-An Regional Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Mr. Wang Yongtao, Vice Director to China's Religious Affairs Dept., Mr. Fan Xivyuan, President to Guangdong Provincial Christian Council and Mr. Gu Jianzhang, the Head of China's Religious Affairs, United Frontier Dept. for the Boa-An District.

Revival Fires International has already sponsored 16 missions trips to the Churches in the Boa-An District. These trips are made by invitation of Pastor Xu Zhixin, President of the Bao-An Christian Association and the "Three-Self" Patriotic Committee, in cooperation with the government Department of Religious Affairs for the Bao-An District.

Todd, reports that Revival Fires World Missions is the first Christian organization invited to bring large groups to China for ministry, with permission of the local government leaders and the Chinese Christians. Many Chinese people are seeing Americans face to face for the first time. No Bible distribution outside of the church buildings or street witnessing is permitted at this time and all church services are limited to China's "Registered Churches".

Thus far over 400 people from across America have traveled to China with Revival Fires for ministry. These gospel teams have distributed more than 60,000 Bibles and witnessed to many thousands of Chinese people.

Todd says, "We desperately need more preachers, teachers, singers, prayer warriors and people to hand out Bibles and to volunteer for Christian service in China. The gathering of the harvest in China is even greater than we have experienced in our 100 plus mission trips to Russia!"

From April 28 through may 9,, Connection Magazine will join Revival Fires in China. Revival Fires will make all arrangements for this twelve day ministry trip to China, including invitations, airline tickets, the scheduling of teaching and soul-winning crusade services in the Churches, Bibles are available for distribution upon arrival, hotel and meals and one day of sight-seeing to the Great Wall of China, and shopping is scheduled before the return. These mission trips cost $2,295 per person.

Connection Magazine Editor, Jon Hanna who joined RFM to Russia in 1998, will attend this history making opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus. "I invite Connection readers to prayerfully consider joining us on this history making trip to China, where we can take as many Bibles as we'd like to the Chinese people," added Hanna, "There are over one billion Chinese people who need Bibles."

Time magazine reported in its October 4, 1999 issue, "The revival of the Christian Church in China is by far the biggest and most significant in the history of Christianity."

To be a part of this special mission to China, contact Connection Magazine at 1.800.471.9673 or e-mail editor@connectionmagazine.orgFor those unable to make this mission trip to China, please consider a tax-deductible donation for the purchase and distribution of Bibles which we will present on your behalf to Chinese citizens.

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