Boycott Companies Who Support Deviant Behavior

Dear Connection Magazine,

I would like to know if you know of anyplace where I could get a list of companies, which support the gay and lesbian rights. As a Christian I do believe that gay and lesbian people need to be treated humanely as other people, but I also believe that if one's company doesn't believe in hiring sexually deviant people of any kind it shouldn't have to. I believe one's conscience should have first priority. By knowing which companies support the gays and lesbians, I will not purchase from those companies and therefore less money will be able to go to the gay and lesbian groups which are fighting to get Christian rights taken away. If you could help me I would appreciate it? Thanks. I realize that the list would be very long and I won't be able to boycott 100%, but on the other hand I would like to do as much as I am able.

Gail Gomez, Lakewood, Washington

Editors Response

Dear Gail,

I appreciate your letter, as I too am unhappy about national companies who blatantly promote homosexuality just to boost their sales a point or two. What many people don't realize is that only 2 or 3% of Americans are reported to be homosexuals. However, homosexuals are so political that they advance their agenda even to elementary schools while the Christian community has been duped into believing that Christians have no place in politics or even lobbying for righteous agendas. Meanwhile, homosexual endorsement abounds.

Recently, I observed a John Hancock Insurance commercial which refers to gays coming out of the closet as if it were a positive thing. Well, I think we need to challenge Christians to come out of the closet. We've been hiding our light long enough.

For more information on companies that promote the agenda of homosexuals you can contact the American Family Association, PO Box 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803. Phone: 662.844.5036, Fax: 662.842.7798 or

In Christ, Jon Hanna

Freed From Prison and Sin!

Dear Connection Magazine,

I've been getting your magazine (in prison) for two years now, and I must say that they have been such an inspiration to me. I really like the newscasters (columns) and the letters to the editor. The letter about Adam and Steve was on point. By being in prison, I see a lot of that Adam and Steve mess. God always has a plan and that is not a part of it. I was on drugs and alcohol, and glory be to God that I'm not that person anymore. I don't even smoke anymore. When Jesus comes in, he comes in and all the "gook" has to go. I was looking at seventy years in prison, but glory be to God, I only got 5 years. (Praise Jesus) I go home in 40 days. The devil is a liar. God always, I mean always saves the best wine for last. I ran the streets of Cleveland for 32 years of my life. But God has a greater plan for the later years, bless God. Please keep me in your deepest prayer. I would like to continue getting your paper at my new address.

Thank You, Kevin Hamilton, Strongsville

Editor's Response:

Dear Kevin,

I also am thankful that we were able to get Connection Magazine to you while you were in prison and that they were an inspiration to you. At your request we will continue to send you each monthly issue at your new address.

Now that you are able to return home after five-years in prison don't be discouraged when you face trials, temptations and tribulations. Your faith will be tested but in your patience you will see the faithfulness of God and His love for you in greater degrees. Be faithful and be patient in the dry times and God will cause you to enter into His Promised Land.

God's Best To You, Jon Hanna

Thank You! From Africa

Dear sirs/madams,

I am very glad for your magazines which you have sent me, two issues now. Thank you, God bless you. May he give you strength to continue publishing.

Moses Kibe Kihiko, Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa

Editors Response:

Thank you for your prayers. I am also glad that you are able to get Connection Magazine. May you be blessed in your faith to do great exploits for Jesus in Africa.

Your Brother in Christ, Jon Hanna

Thanks For Exposing Anti-Semitism

Dear Jon,

I wanted to thank you for running Chuck Colson's commentary, "European Anti-Semitism Caught by Surprise" (October 2002). These are very frightening times we live in, and many are beginning to compare attitudes and actions in Europe today regarding Jews to the climate there in the 1930s. We all know what that led to.

Exposing these dangers and educating the public is an important part of combating prejudice and intolerance. One can only hope that all people of faith and conscience will not tolerate this.

Michael Bennett, Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland

Editor's Response:

Dear Michael,

It is my pleasure to stand with the Jewish people and Israel against the Anti-Semitism (murderous hate) that is in the world. I believe in my heart that God's faithfulness to the Jewish people will turn their hearts back to Him and then they will come to know Messiah (Jesus), as their deliverer. God will defend the Jews.

In Christ, Jon Hanna

Deceptive Ways and Wages

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading Kimberly Shumate's article "Deceptive Ways and Wages". I consider myself to be a born-again Christian, although I've backslidden, and the devil has been busy with me. I've hurt people I didn't want to hurt, and have now reached out to God for support.

Amazingly, I was a Catholic for almost 40 years, and sill never knew God. Kimberly writes of her desire to get closer to God. It wasn't until a Pastor laid hands on me, and God entered my body that I truly knew Him. I was a "baby Christian". I've backslidden and am trying to get back on the right path. With God on my side, I feel whole and refreshed. I understand things better. I need to find that path again. I am asking for help. Help lead me in the right direction.

Respectfully, Mike Tanner, Rocky Point, NY

Editor's Response:

Dear Mike,

I think it's great that you were able to relate to 'Deceptive Ways and Wages' in the October issue. When I hear a testimony like yours I am assured that Connection Magazine is fulfilling its purpose. I'm very blessed to know that you are seeking to follow the Lord again.

It doesn't surprise me that you spent about forty-years in the Catholic Church without having a relationship with God. I was raised Catholic and I know many Catholics. The Catholic Church promotes many anti-christ teachings that hinder their people from truly being born-again, from truly being saved from sin and it's wages. Jesus said we must be born-again, (John Chapter 3).

Only the blood of Jesus removes our sin and saves us, (Romans 5:9, I John 1:7). Cult teachings claim that salvation comes by other things such as church membership, good works and repetitive prayers. Although there are many good things that can help our faith grow, our qualification, justification and salvation is a gift of God that only comes through the blood of Jesus. We can't earn it and we'll never deserve it. (Ephesians 2:8&9) God gives it to us as a gift when we turn from our sins to Him.

Keep praying and reading your Bible. Ask God for the gift of the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13, Acts 19) to help you grow spiritually. Also, find a church that knows how to praise Jesus, where the Holy Spirit is free to operate, and the Bible is preached. Then go home and worship God and search the scripturtes for yourself.

To God Be All the Glory, Jon Hanna

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