Is Bob Dylan A Fan of Jesus?

Bob Dylan

Confessing to be a "born-again" follower of Jesus in 1978, Bob Dylan's music began reflecting his strong faith through projects like 'Shot of Love'. However, in the 1980's he walked away from Christianity and reportedly "reaffirmed his Judaism faith". Just where Dylan's spiritual journey has taken him isn't yet clear, but a recent Dylan tour may have provided a legitimate clue. Earlier this year, while on tour in Europe, Dylan opened with one of his songs that he hasn't performed since 1981. The song being referred to is 'Solid Rock' and includes the following lyrics:

"For me He was chastised
For me He was hated
For me He was rejected
By the world that He created
Nations are angry
Cursed are some
People are expecting
A false peace to come
But I am hanging on to a Solid Rock
Made before the foundation of the world."

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