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Every Knee Shall Bow

There is one king who is eternal;
He is Jesus Christ the Risen Lord!
Forever exalted in His glorious praise,
His birth was prophesied in God's Word.
With His power He has created us,
And we need to see clearly,
He died on the cross for our sins;
By His grace, there is Calvary!

So let us yield to His spirit;
May our faith arise and accept,
The only mediator between God and man,
In whose care our souls are kept.
By His sacrifice we can be forgiven;
Our sins have caused us to fall short!
Who can say they have not sinned?
Not one, according to God's report.

One day, every knee shall bow
Before the eternal King of Glory;
Every tongue shall confess to God.
What will be your life's story?
Will you bow your knee this season,
Before Christ, who was born to die?
Will you trust in Him to save you?
He came, and you're the reason why!

Dear Lord Jesus, I bow my knee;
I believe you can wash my sins away;
I repent and now will follow you;
Come into my heart, O Lord, I pray!

by John Roberto

"O come, let us worship and bow down: Let us kneel before the Lord our maker." Psalm 95:6

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