David Carr, Houston Texans

The Brown's faced him early in the season and are well aware of David Carr's potential.
by Doug Greengard

David Carr, first player chosen in the 2002 NFL draft.

Everything is looking up for Houston's David Carr. The quarterback for the National Football League's expansion Texans is enjoying a storybook rookie season.

"I think as far as blessings go, I am on top of the list," said Carr, the first player chosen in the 2002, NFL draft.

The former Fresno State standout, who led the nation in both passing yards and touchdown passes as a senior, is thankful for the goodness of God in his life. What excites Carr the most, however, is the opportunity to share it with others. "He's just put me in a position where I am able to play a game that I love and I get a chance to get on a platform that a lot of people don't get a chance to be on. My grandfather, who recently retired as a pastor, said, 'You are going to get a chance to reach so many more people than I was able to reach in my 35 years of preaching in the pulpit, just from the position that you're in and the kind of attention the American public places on athletes.'"

There is certainly plenty of attention focused on Carr. As the Texans Quarterback of the present and the future, there are high expectations upon him and intense pressure to perform. "When you go into a football game, I honestly don't know how guys go out onto the field alone," added Carr. "I can't tell you how many prayers are prayed for me when I'm out on the field. It's the fact that you know that the Lord is with you. You don't really know what the game will hold, but you know the One who holds the game."

As Carr continues to trust the Lord for his future, the 6-3, 230 pound rookie goes about his business of using his strong arm and pinpoint passing skills to shoot down defenses. It's a combination he has practiced ever since the fourth grade. "Just being involved in sports, you see so many things that you can't control," said Carr. "I think that's always helped me with my faith. You go out onto a football field where there are 22 guys running around on every play. You can't control that, so you do your best and let God do the rest.

Whether it is after getting sacked by the opponent or throwing a touchdown pass, Carr is always looking up: To the God who blesses him.

Doug Greengard is the host/producer of the Christian Sports Minute, a radio feature airing on 331 stations in North America. Visit the website at www.christiansportsminute.com

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