Folger: Homosexual Advocates Using Smokescreen to Get at Little Kids

by Rusty Pugh and Bill Fancher

AgapePress) - A leading pro-family activist says the radical homosexual agenda aims to reach children as young as five years old - and that homosexual activists are using the smokescreen of "tolerance" to accomplish it.

Janet Folger of the Center for Reclaiming America says the goal of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network is clear: get into America's schools to teach children that homosexuality is normal and acceptable. Folger says GLSEN uses catch phrases like "tolerance" and "diversity" as a means to get their curriculum into schools. br>
The family advocate says the group knows that schools are the best place to indoctrinate impressionable minds. "Their own mission statement is clearly promoting homosexuality," Folger says. "Let me tell you what GLSEN activist teacher Jackie Williams had to say at a 1997 GLSEN conference. She says, 'Five-year-olds are very interested in sex, and we want to help them find the answers on their level.' "br>
Their goal is to get at these children in kindergarten. br>
Folger says she cannot understand why there is not more opposition to this from parents. Some, she says, ask her why Christians need to get involved in the culture and that they just need to meet in church twice a week. She has an answer for them. br>
"Let me tell you something: God said it's better for someone to have a millstone hung around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to sin - and that's unfortunately the case that we are in," she says. Folger says it is critical for Christians to get involved now on the local level to reclaim their communities.

Homosexuality a Non-Issue?

Meanwhile, vice-presidential daughter Mary Cheney, a professed lesbian, has joined the board of the Republican Unity Coalition, an organization that wants to remove homosexuality as an issue in the GOP. In a statement, she says achieving that will expand the Party to "non-traditional Republicans" and attain "equality for all gay and lesbian Americans."

Peter LaBarbera of the Culture and Family Institute says what the RUC is trying to do should grab the attention of people who hold to traditional values.

"They want to do for homosexuality what the Republican Party did for color - in other words, make it a non-issue in the GOP. The problem is all people in the pro-family movement hated racism, they wanted color to be removed as an issue in the GOP - that was a good thing," LaBarbera says. "But to remove homosexuality as an issue in the GOP is basically saying that people of moral and religious persuasion are irrelevant - that their concerns are irrelevant."

Conservative religious leaders are looking at this step by Ms. Cheney as a slap in the face, and say this is not the way to win back the vote of people of faith. Former president Gerald Ford also recently joined the Republican Unity Coalition as a member of the group's advisory board.

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