Leader Says 'Mediocrity' Describes American Christians

"Christians are no different than anybody else," declares Larry Burkett.
by Jim Brown

(AgapePress) - A leading Christian financial expert says far too many Christians are willing to settle for mediocrity - and in doing so, he says, they are hurting their witness for Christ.

Larry Burkett is the chairman of Crown Financial Ministries. He says Americans have been trained in mediocrity. According to Burkett, society today considers average as exceptional, and slothful as normal.

"Christians are no different than anybody else," Burkett says. "In fact ... I find that in America, you literally cannot detect Christians based on statistics - not their giving habits, their divorce rate, their bankruptcy rate. It's almost identical to the world."

He notes that a recent survey by the Barna Research Group showed that the divorce rate within Christianity is slightly higher than among people who profess no religion at all.

The respected author and financial expert says Christians should strive to be men and women of excellence in a mediocre world. He says God's people must remain committed to biblical standards, rather than to a culturally constructed perspective on life and ministry.

"Number one, we are supposed to please God - we aren't supposed to please this world. And we're told that by blending ourselves into this world, that we displease God - in other words, that we don't hold to God's standards," he says.

"I think it's very critical that God's people hold to the standard of Scripture - and that standard is pretty absolute. It doesn't give us a lot of room for wiggle," Burkett says.

"When you give your word, you keep your word; when you make a vow, you do it; and you work as unto the Lord and not unto men - and it doesn't matter who your boss is, you still give him courtesy and respect."

Burkett says more businesses are seeking out religious teachers to help their management staff because Christians have higher standards.

Burkett is host of the daily radio call-in show Money Matters, heard on more than 450 stations. The show gives callers an opportunity to discuss their financial challenges with Burkett, and it includes consumer-oriented features, financial news, and commentaries aimed at helping people practice sound, biblical stewardship.

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