"It will not be Barbara Streisand I'm standing in front of when I have to make an accounting of my life."

PATRICIA HEATON of the television show Everybody Loves Raymond, responding to a question by Bill O'Reilly on whether she is taking heat from Democratic stars for stating that, if she had her way, abortion would be illegal.

"We stand for certain things. Kids have to be responsible for their actions."

MIKE SLAUGHTER, coach of the Marquette High School football team in Alton, Illinois, after some parents suggested that the team not suspend 16 starting players who were arrested for underage drinking at a party. The coach suspended the players, and the 10-0 Explorers ended their season with a 63-0 loss in the playoffs.

"We've had many freedoms in this country, and as Christians we've had a wonderful opportunity, but I think those freedoms are slowly being eroded. Our nation is becoming more secular. Today the church of Jesus Christ is under attack. There's an on slaught against the church. Being an evangelical Christian is not a popular position anymore, and it's getting worse, not better."


"We may be moving into a cultural age where courage may be needed that will cost us our lives."

Christian Radio Host, RAVI ZACHARIAS at an apologetics conference in North Carolina in November, after declaring that the God of Christianity is not the God of Muslims.

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