Augusta National Gold Club

'Good Ol' Boy' events will occur, much to chagrin of feminist groups.
by Jim Brown

(AgapePress)...Feminist groups and the liberal press are teeing off on "men-only" golf establishments because of their reluctance to admit women as members.

Led by chairman Martha Burk, the National Council of Women's Organizations is urging everyone from sponsors to players to put pressure on the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Golf Tournament. Burk has even asked CBS not to air the Masters Tournament because of the club's longstanding policy, calling the broadcast "a two-day commercial for the good old boy way of life." The network has responded, politely, that it will continue to air the event.

The New York Times and USA Today have both paid considerable attention to the cause, the Times printing more than 40 stories on the subject. Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard, says the controversy simply hinges on one question.

"Is it morally wrong to have an all-men's golf club?" Barnes asks. "I don't think it's morally wrong at all, anymore than it's morally wrong to have an all-women's college [or] an all-women's Bible study."

Barnes says his wife attends an all-women's Bible study, and he thinks they would be on "firm ground" if they turned down his request to join. "This is preposterous," he says of the Augusta situation. "This in no way helps women."

Barnes says there are thousands of other lovely golf courses across the country where women can become members.

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