Compromise in Churches Has Lowered Standard, Pastor Says

Are churches suppose to provide a platform for groups whose values and doctrines differ from the Holy Bible?
by Rusty Pugh

(AgapePress)...The nation's largest abortion provider and proponent of sex education wants to take its message to Wisconsin churches, but at least one minister says it will not happen in his church.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has announced a plan to take its message of abortion-on-demand and contraceptives for kids into area churches. Bill Tomkins is pastor at the Fellowship of Christian Believers Church in downtown Milwaukee. While some pastors have indicated they might at least listen to what Planned Parenthood has to say, Tomkins says that attitude highlights the need for reform in the Church-a need to return to the roots and the principles that the Bible stands for.

"There's been such a level of compromise (in the Church)-and the compromises started with the ministers," Tomkins says. "(It is) a compromise that allows young people and adults to go back to a lifestyle that's outside the bounds of the Scripture when it comes to proper relationships in marriage. And...because our culture has slipped down, we as ministers-instead of calling people up to the standard that they need to be called up to ? have joined in with the compromise."

He says the fact that some pastors would allow the group into their churches is an indication of the declining standards. "Our ministers, our leaders have compromised-they've let down the standard," he says. "And the Scripture tells us to raise the standard-not in a self-righteous way, but in a way that calls them back to the root of what Christianity is really about."

Tomkins says true Christian churches can have absolutely no common ground with a group like Planned Parenthood.

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