Journalist Says Bible Not Complicated: Sin is Sin
by Bill Fancher

(AgapePress)...A well-known Christian journalist is going to bat against those who criticize believers for their literal interpretation of the Bible's statements about sin.

People of faith who try to live their lives according to biblical guidelines have increasingly come under attack over the past few decades. Many of their critics claim that by living this way, believers are purporting to speak for God, implying the Bible is too complicated for one correct interpretation.

Joseph Farah, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily, says this criticism is reflected throughout American society.

"The modern-day equivalent of that is that we need lawyers to interpret the most basic, clear, concise legal language that was set forth by the founders in the Constitution," Farah says. "The Bible is a pretty understandable document, and so is the Constitution of the United States -- and we don't need lawyers to interpret it for us."

The latest high-profile critic of religious conservatives is Bill O'Reilly of Fox News. He recently charged that American tradition rejects speaking in God's name in a public forum. He added that "labeling someone a sinner is contrary to American values."

Farah, who employs O'Reilly as a columnist, takes issue with O'Reilly's comment. He says critics misunderstand the motive behind Christians' calling homosexuality a sin. "The Christian viewpoint is that we're all sinners and we're all guilty of sin," he says. "On a daily basis, we're all guilty of sin."

Farah says homosexuality is just like adultery -- it is wrong and a "sin" according to God's Word. He believes Christians should not be targets just because they try to conduct their lives by biblical standards.

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