Planned Parenthood Aids Sexual Predators of Children.

Illinois Pro-Lifers Seek Investigation of Planned Parenthood Clinics.
by Rusty Pugh and Allie Martin

(AgapePress)...A national pro-family group has released the results of an investigation, which reveals that 21 Illinois Planned Parenthood abortion clinics knowingly broke the law to protect sexual predators.

Concerned Women for America and the Illinois Right to Life Committee have released tapes of phone conversations with 21 Planned Parenthood clinics in Illinois. On the tapes, a caller portraying a pregnant 13-year-old girl with a 22-year-old boyfriend asked for advice.

The underage girl was actually an adult posing as the 13-year-old girl. Eight-hundred clinics were phoned nationwide ? and the results revealed a pattern of criminal concealment.

Jill Stanek is coordinator of Concerned Women for America of Illinois. "Eighty-three percent of the clinics called nationwide offered to be complicit and to hide the crime," Stanek explains. "And in Illinois ... 100% of the 21 clinics that were called ... offered to help the man hide his crime by letting the girl get the abortion without anybody being any the wiser."

All states clearly mandate that healthcare workers report cases of child sex abuse, including statutory rape. But Stanek says the taped calls show that Planned Parenthood was willing to help conceal a felony crime in order to help a 13-yer-old girl obtain an abortion.

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