"Philosophies, motivationalism and all forms of humanism which appear in the form of 'positive' ideologies, will not undermine (God's) demand for holiness, obedience and separation from the world."

Author WILLIAM OWENS, in his book 'Bastards in the Pulpit'.

"In movie after movie, TV show after TV show, people face every manner of terror, crime, illness and betrayal without ever turning to, or even acknowledging, a higher power. In real life, however, millions of people blurt, 'Oh my God!' at the first sign of trouble. They close their eyes or tumble to their knees in prayer. They visit churches seeking comfort, guidance or intervention."

Washington Post columnist DONNA BRITT

"I found out that God doesn't give invitations?He gives commands. Most ministries give invitations to people, if you give somebody an invitation to repent, they have the option to accept or reject, but if you give them a command they can only obey or rebel. Most people don't do that because it's confrontational, but all truth is confrontational."

The late ED COLE as quoted in New Man magazine. Cole, considered the father of the modern Christian men's movement, died Aug. 27. One of his columns appeared in the September issue of Connection Magazine.

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