God's Business - Book Review
Anointed for Business
by Ed Silvoso

When many people think of the term "anointed," images of five-fold ministers often come to mind. But in his recent release, Anointed for Business, author Ed Silvoso encourages readers to broaden that definition to include those ministering in the workplace. He explains that all Christians are set aside for service?some in the church, others in the business world.

Silvoso, founder of Harvest Evangelism, scoffs at the notion that the pulpit is the more lofty pursuit when it comes to ministry; he believes Christians should bloom where thy are planted?even if they are in a boardroom. He writes that believers should use their jobs and influence in the marketplace (whether in business, education, government or other field) to change the world for Christ. Citing numerous scriptural references throughout, he notes that all the disciples were businessmen before entering full-time ministry with Jesus. Even Jesus made a living as a carpenter before entering ministry.

The book also challenges the perception that success in business (and its financial rewards) lies in contrast with Christian principles. Silvoso writes that as long as the motive for profit is pure and the means ethical, monetary compensation is a gift from God. He also speaks about the social gap between the haves and have-nots, and explains how Christians in the business environment can bring reconciliation.

Anointed for Business challenges all Christians to look at their occupations as their parishes, and their co-workers as their congregations. By doing so, they bring the message of Jesus to those who may never step into a church. Silvoso also encourages believers to allow God to use the marketplace to shape their destinies and to enlarge the body of Christ.

by Andrea R. Williams

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