Famous and Infamous Men of the Bible - Book Review
Best-selling authors detail lives of Bible's men in year-long devotion

Grand Rapids, Mich., Noah. Moses. David. Peter. Paul. The names of these prominent Bible characters instantly remind us of their deep faith and extraordinary spiritual legacy. Then there are those lesser-known men figures who are sometimes embarrassing, sometimes admirable. Like Achan, who disobeyed God's law against plunder, causing the deaths of 36 fellow Israelites. And Absalom, son of David, whose inferiority complex led him to wage war against his father's kingdom. Or the impressive King Hezekiah, whose prayer for God's protection was spectacularly answered with the sudden deaths of 185,000 enemy troops.

While we tend to think of Bible characters as almost superhuman, a closer look shows how truly human they were. Real people with real problems, the lives of the Bible's men are case studies in facing obstacles in life and faith. Noah endured taunts from his neighbors as he built the ark, yet he continued to do what God commanded. A powerful military leader afflicted with leprosy, Naaman overcame his pride and sought out the prophet Elisha for healing. And the apostle Matthew courageously turned from the only life he'd ever known a life of corruption to the unknown challenge of following Jesus.

With their successes and their flaws, the stories of the men of the Bible remind us that God works in all sorts of people throughout history. Men of the Bible (Zondervan) traces the legacy of the Bible's famous (and infamous) men, surveying biblical history through the eyes of its leading characters. A year-long devotional, Men of the Bible features a different man each week. In five daily readings, the authors retell the man's story, consider his personality, and then look at his legacy in scripture, promise and prayer. With its helpful insights, lively stories and readable format, Men of the Bible is a dynamic devotional tool for believers new and old.

According to best-selling authors Ann Spangler and Robert Wolgemuth, "When God calls people to play a part in the history of his people, he often begins by testing their faith." Depending on their response to this test, each man in the Bible becomes either a role model or a tragic example of the effects of sinful living. In observing the lives of men in the Bible, Spangler and Wolgemuth offer an inspiring chronology of how God works through men from Adam to the present. Today, as in the past, God uses people who, despite their shortcomings, actively pursue a life of faith.

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