Coy Gibbs, Nascar Truck Series
by Doug Greengard

Coy Gibbs

As the son of a Hall of Fame Football Coach, it seemed only fitting that Coy Gibbs would pursue success in the same sport. His father, Joe Gibbs, coached the National Football League's Washington Redskins to three Super Bowls victories. After playing college football at Stanford University, Coy opted to follow his dad into another sport auto racing. Last year, the 28-year old Gibbs began tackling a full slate of races on the Nascar Truck Series for Joe Gibbs Racing. "I thought football was hard," said Gibbs. "But this racing deal is a whole different ballgame. It's not like a 50-50 shot where two teams show up and one of you is going to win. There are 40 other drivers and you're struggling and fighting."

After college, Gibbs served as a mechanic on the Funny Car circuit. In 1997, he turned to driving and began racing late model stock cars. Now, he goes bumper to bumper with his fellow truck racers at speeds of up to 180 miles an hour. " I think you have to have a big ego to go out and do this sport without God," added Gibbs. "I can't imagine doing it just for yourself. There would have to be something else driving you and that would have to be pride. I go out there and at least I have peace of mind." Gibbs gets his peace of mind through his relationship with Jesus Christ. That enables him to put his faith and trust in Him alone. "You just lift it up to Him," said Gibbs. "You can't control this crazy sport. You just say, 'this is in Your Hands, I'm going to look to You for the guidance that I need.'"

Currently running as one of the top drivers on the Nascar Truck Series, Gibbs is enjoying the platform God has given him. He has many opportunities to share the gospel with kids, fans and the business people who are tied into racing. "Going through airports and traveling around, we meet a lot of people," added Gibbs. "God opens a lot of doors to talk about different things and to be able to share your faith with people and whatever they need."

Whether or not he's behind the wheel, Gibbs is always running a good race the one, as described in Hebrews 12:1, clearly marked out for him.

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