Less Than 3% of Americans Reported To Be Homosexual

(AgapePress) If one listens to homosexual advocacy groups or watches sitcoms on television, one might think the homosexual community makes up almost 30% of the American population. In reality, studies show those who have chosen homosexuality are barely discernable. Peter Sprigg, senior director of cultural studies at the Family Research Council, notes the 1994 National Health and Social Life Survey, which surveyed more than 3,000 people. Sprigg says it was a very well structured, random survey and they found in reality only 2.8% of men and 1.4% of women identified as homosexual. Several years ago, even Out magazine, a homosexual periodical, reported its potential readership was less than 3% of the population. With still more revelation of child abuse by Catholic priests making headlines, the recent compilation study conducted by FRC takes on even more significance. The project looked at multiple studies of both homosexuality and child sexual abuse. Sprigg says the study's efforts found a link between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children.

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