Israel and Christians: A Special Connection
by Chad Groening

(AgapePress) A Jewish rabbi who works for the Israeli government says his country recognizes that many Christians stand in solidarity with Israel.

Dr. Gerald Meister is the Christian affairs advisor for the Israeli consulate in New York City. The Orthodox Jewish rabbi has spent a great deal of time meeting with members of the Christian community, including a recent visit to Nashville. Meister says his country appreciates the support of Christian believers.

"We understand that there are vast numbers of Christians who understand Israel's position in the world and who, by their faith, wish to stand in solidarity not only with Israel but primarily with God's truth? and [who] see Israel as the vehicle and the embodiment of God's continuing promise," he says. Meister says he recognizes what it says in Romans 11: that Christians are grafted onto the Abrahamic covenant with their Jewish brothers? as God's chosen people. He says as a believing Jew, he is "very pleased" to have that relationship with Christians who believe.

Editor's note: The Bible encourages us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and promises to bless those who bless the Jews. The New Testament refers to Christians as Jews who are circumsised in heart and not in flesh, therefor, whoever blesses the followers of Jesus will also be blessed. According to the Bible, one day the backslidden nation of Israel will return to the Lord and accept Jesus.

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