Mormon Cult Knows How To Dress

There are many Christians who don't know how to dress in modest fashion and have learned to dress like the heathen, yet some cult members know how to get the attention and respect of major retailers.
by Jim Brown and Jody Brown

(AgapePress) Mormon teens in Arizona are asking a major department store to offer more modest clothing alternatives for kids their age.

Students at Mountain View High School in Mesa have presented a 1,500-name petition to Dillard's Phoenix division. They are asking the department store chain to offer modest alternatives to teenage clothing that resembles the attire of pop music stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Specifically, they want the store to start selling clothing "that covers the midriff, bust, shoulder, back, legs to the knee and any clothing that shows respect for the body."

Steve Dye, advertising director for Dillard's Phoenix division, says his company's initial reaction was favorable.

"We were certainly very interested to hear more from a portion of our customers, and we feel that we've seen the trend coming along from a standpoint of where, in certain markets, girls have been concerned about their dress and the amount of coverage [offered by the clothing]," Dye says. "So this was really a welcome opportunity for us to talk directly with some of our consumers."

Dye emphasizes that the high school group is requesting an option in clothing styles and not that the chain cease selling the more revealing styles. "We still carry a lot of the merchandise that they didn't care for," he says. "It's still a very big part of our business and what a lot of junior girls and young women are buying, and we're certainly out there to serve that.

"But I think what they're asking for is an alternative," he says, "and we said being that there is a good customer base and enough there to support it, that we certainly are willing to offer that alternative."

Dye says the chain has begun carrying more modest merchandise to meet the request of its conservative customers. He says buyers in his division will meet with the Mountain View students again in a month to discuss whether the department store is on the right track.

According to the Arizona Republic, organizers of the petition are members of the cult, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints although non-Mormons also signed the petition.

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