Attorney: NY's Pro-Homosexual Bill Promotes Dangerous Trend
by Rusty Pugh

(AgapePress) New York has become the thirteenth state to grant special protected status to people who choose to participate in the homosexual lifestyle. A pro-family attorney says that is a very dangerous trend.

On December 17, New York Governor George Pataki signed into law a bill which offers protection to homosexuals from what it calls "abuse, harassment, or discrimination" in employment, housing, education, and public services. The Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA), which Pataki signed just hours after it was approved 34-26 in the Republican-led State Senate, adds the words "sexual orientation" to existing anti-discrimination statutes.

Opponents of SONDA say it moves the state just one step closer toward normalizing homosexuality and placing it on par with the traditional family.

Steve Crampton is senior counsel for the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy. He says there is a danger in passing laws to protect people just because they choose to engage in a certain behavior.

"What you have in this [new law] is a very broad-reaching prohibition on expression of a belief that is hostile or inconsistent with embracing of the homosexual lifestyle," Crampton explains. "It cuts across lines of free speech, free exercise of religion, free press ... for all of those citizens who may have deep-seated religious convictions."

The attorney says the law seeks to permanently silence anyone who believes in the Bible's stance on same-sex activity.

"You may recall the Truth in Love campaign that was done a few years by several major ministries, and was supported by donations, that held out hope to homosexuals to change their lifestyle by coming to Christ," Crampton says. "Under the current law in New York, as we understand it, such an ad campaign positive though it is would be prohibited for a private employer to [support through] a contribution."

In other words, Crampton says, Pataki's signature on the SONDA bill is yet another victory for those who believe there are no moral absolutes and for those who want any opposition to homosexuality to be silenced especially if that opposition is based on their Christian beliefs.

Editor's note: The hypocrisy of the advocates of "tolerance" is that they refuse to tolerate those who need to think twice before declare the word of God, The Holy Bible. Prepare yourselves with the mind of Christ.

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