Warning to Parents: Sex Ed 'Not What It Used to Be'
by Allie Martin

(AgapePress) Administrators at one Oregon high school have allowed a student to sit out a sex education class and, as an alternative, to use materials provided by a Christian ministry.

Recently parents of the student contacted the California-based Pacific Justice Institute, explaining their objections to the sex education program at the school in Roseburg, Oregon. At first, school officials denied the parents' request to review the curriculum in advance but as PJI President Brad Dacus says, the school changed its policy after it learned the parents were considering legal action.

"The school district backed down and not only allowed them to opt the child out, but allowed them instead to use curriculum produced by Focus on the Family a much more family-friendly and accurate portion of curriculum," Dacus says.

He says the school's decision is "a major win" for the Oregon family and other families who are wishing to choose other curriculum for purposes of sex education and family-life training. Dacus advises all parents of public school students to investigate the material for their children's sex education classes.

"Sex education is not what it used to be ten or twenty or thirty years ago," he says. "Parents must be actively involved in assessing [the curriculum], reviewing it, and taking appropriate corrective measures to protect their children from false information that often even disagrees with the Centers for Disease Control."

Dacus says parents have a constitutional right to review public school curriculum to ensure it does not offend their religious beliefs.

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