Dear God!

I'm tired of the "almosts"!
by Gail Ramsey

Dear God!

I'm tired of the "almosts"!

Why can't I seem to get all the way through to victory? I get very close and then things collapse! I get almost out of debt and then my car breaks down. I was recently offered the perfect job, and then it was given to somebody else. What am I doing wrong?

Sometimes I feel like I'm climbing up a steep hill that is covered in molasses. Help!

Your Weary and Discouraged Daughter,


Dear Peggy,

I often wonder the same thing. Why are so many of God's people walking in defeat or constant struggle?

If God gave us authority and power "over all the power of the enemy", and He did according to Luke 10:19; and if He desires that "we prosper in all things and be in health", and He does according to 3 John 2; and if He commanded us to take "dominion over all things" and He meant it, (Genesis 1:26-29) then WHY are so many people struggling to pay their bills, to succeed in their businesses, and to stay out of divorce court?

I believe that part of the answer is given to us in the book of Daniel 7:25 where God warns us that in the end times, which many believe we are living in right now, our enemy, Satan, "shall persecute the saints of the Most High". The word "persecute" translated from the Greek means "wear out".

Many today are simply worn out. Why? They haven't learned to rest in Him. They've forgotten that the battle is the Lord's, and that the only type of labor God tells us to do is in Hebrews 4:9-11, which warns us that we must labor "to enter His rest".

As we rest in Him, we become restored, renewed, revitalized. Once we are at rest and no longer stressed, He can then begin to strengthen us, give us His game plan, and empower us to return again to the battlefield; only this time we will reign victorious.

For an awesome example of how God will fight for those who trust in Him, and not in their own strength, intelligence, money or fame, read 2 Samuel 23:8-12. "The Lord brought about a great victory" for Eleazar in verse 10, and "The Lord brought about a great victory" for Shammah in verse 12. But the interesting thing is that as you continue to read in verses 18-23, there were several other men, stronger and with better resumes for whom God did not bring victory.

Now it is impossible to rest in God if you don't really believe that He will come through for you, and the only way to possess that certainty is through intimacy with Him. When you get to know Him, you'll begin to trust Him. When you trust Him, He will fight for you, and you will win!

Gail Ramsey, an ordained minister, portrayed the role of Susan Moore on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She had other roles on the TV programs Mike Hammer, Generations and California Dreams. Today Ramsey leads Semeion Ministries where readers can write her at 4610 Virginia Ave, Longbeach, CA 90805.

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