Poet's Pen

The Vision

The vision was worth more than words could say,
When I beheld it, I was moved and led to pray.
The truth of life came before me and did unfold,
Like a pearl of great price to have and hold.
It stirred my soul with conviction until tears did flow.
What it meant to me, may you one day truly know.
Finally everything in this life began to make sense,
When I saw the vision, God's light of love became intense.
My thoughts were taken up to a much higher elevation,
Surely this was some kind of supernatural revelation.
O what a wonderful day that I shall never forget,
When within my heart the vision would forever be set.

You must understand, I lived my life very carelessly,
When it came to knowing God or His will, especially.
I was traveling down the wide road that leads to hell.
Like most people, with my soul, things were not well.
God desires that man would come to know Him personally,
This goes beyond your religion, no matter how sincerely.
There is a way that to you may feel good and seem right,
But without His Holy Spirit and word, there is no light.
I had a form of Godliness, playing religion with the best,
Yet I denied God's presence within, failing the crucial test.
We're justified by faith in Christ, not by works we've done.
Power for living upright comes by receiving God's Son.

This is the vision that was placed right before my eyes,
A table was spread in heaven for the saved and wise.
The Lord Jesus was presiding over the marriage supper,
Those in attendance were His bride, faithful to be there.
I also saw the cross upon which the blessed Savior died
To purchase our salvation, for our sins He was crucified!
Then I realized, He took the punishment to rescue me
From a burning hell of torment which I could see!

by John Roberto

"Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions" Joel 2:28

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