"Many people believe that there will be a third temple built in Jerusalem. If you ask me who will build it, what person, I don't know about that. It must be the Devine. One day you will go to sleep and the next day when you wake up it will be there. It will be God who builds the next temple."

Professor,DANIEL BAHAT, former Jerusalem area archaeologist for the Israeli Antiquities Authority, speaking last month at an event in Cleveland presented by Israel's Ministry of Tourism.

"Is it all right for the government to allow the murder of an innocent human being? The evidence I see tells me the unborn is a human being. From the moment of conception, a new life comes into being with a complete genetic blueprint."

Supermodel KATHY IRELAND on Fox News Channel's

"God is a very persuasive creator. If God is the catalyst, there's nothing you can do about it."

Former Sanford and Son actor DEMOND WILSON, who has been a minister for 20 years on his religious calling, in People.

"Gossip can ruin lives, destroy reputations, alienate families and split friends."

BOB BURG, author of Gossip: Ten Pathways to Eliminate it from Your Life and Transform Your Soul, in the Kalamazoo (Mich) Gazette

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