Christian Coalition Backs Mel Gibson, Patricia Heaton

By Allie Martin

(AgapePress) - The Christian Coalition is praising two leading American entertainers for their recent pro-family actions.

Actor Mel Gibson is being praised by the Christian Coalition for his efforts to create a movie based on the death of Jesus. At the same time, the organization is applauding actress Patricia Heaton for walking out of the recent American Music Awards in response to continued foul language and lewd behavior.

Ronn Torossian is a spokesman for the Christian Coalition. "We at the Christian Coalition stand together with Mel Gibson and Patricia Heaton in their stands to take a pro-family values initiative in Hollywood," he says. "We stand with them, and we say that they were completely right, and we call on others to stand with them."

Torossian says the actions of Gibson and Heaton are proof that there are a few decent people in Hollywood and that there still may be hope for that industry. Decency, he says, must return to American entertainment.

"We call on Hollywood as well, to tell Mel Gibson and Patricia Heaton [they] are not alone and [that Hollywood] stands with ... those who speak out for pro-family values [and] about the importance of ending lewd jokes and off-color remarks," Torossian says. "It's not appropriate for children [and] it's not appropriate for any decent American to be seeing these kinds of things."

The Christian Coalition is America's largest Christian grassroots organization with more than two-million supporters.

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