Domestic AIDS Spending

by Fred Jackson

(AgapePress) - President Bush is calling for another increase in the amount of taxpayers' dollars going into the domestic AIDS program.

During his State of the Union address in January, the president won praise for announcing the U.S. would be boosting its financial commitment to fighting AIDS abroad, particularly on the African continent.

Some conservatives are willing to support that initiative since many of the AIDS victims there are innocent women and children who have the disease through no fault of their own. But when it comes to the domestic AIDS issue, that's another story.

Conservatives argue the government should not be pouring billions of dollars into AIDS research when it is well known that most of the people with AIDS in America have acquired it through willful, sinful activity.

Despite that, USA Today reports President Bush's 2004 budget request for the domestic AIDS program is $16 billion. The paper says that includes a $93-million increase for AIDS research, and an extra $100 million for a program that pays for AIDS-related drugs.

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