FBI: Thousands of Illegal Iraqis 'Missing' in the U.S.

by Fred Jackson

(AgapePress) - There's a disturbing report out of Washington about the thousands of illegal Iraqi immigrants who remain on the loose in the U.S. Authorities believe some of them are Iraqi agents who are on special missions for Saddam Hussein.

The Washington Post quotes immigration officials who estimate there are 3,000 or more missing Iraqis on American soil at this moment. Currently there is a major effort under way to find those individuals.

Key attention is being placed on Iraqi students studying in the U.S. The Post says American officials are aware that Hussein's government has recruited some of those students to gather information and intelligence on American technology.

The report says the main areas of the country under focus are cities known to have large Iraqi immigration populations, including Washington, Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles. Northern New Jersey is also considered a target area for the search.

Law enforcement officials who have been reviewing INS records are said to have been surprised by the large number of Iraqi visitors who are known to have violated their visa conditions, but never showed up for removal proceedings.

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