Middle East Christians Benefiting from Faith-Based Satellite TV

Winning the war one heart at a time.
by Allie Martin

(AgapePress) - Modern technology is allowing Christians in the Middle East to be encouraged in their faith and service to Christ.

Seven years ago, Sat 7 began broadcasting two hours per week to North Africa and the Middle East. Now Sat 7 airs Christian programming, news, and entertainment 12 hours per day to millions of people in those areas of the globe.

Ron Ensminger is president of Sat 7. He says that the service is being utilized by Christians in the area, and he estimates the broadcasts are viewed daily by 11 million people.

"Being a Christian Arab almost sounds like an oxymoron," he says, "but there are ten to twelve million Christians residing in the region of the 420 million people. Our primary objective is to nourish and encourage those Christians ... in their life and witness."

He says Christians in the volatile region are responding to the programming offered by satellite service, and even more so since the terrorists attacks in September 2001. "Our responses have steadily grown," he says, "and since 9/11 we've actually seen close to a 90% growth in telephone calls, letters, and e-mails that we're receiving."

Sat 7 was officially launched in 1995 when 25 Christian agencies from the Middle East, Europe, and North America committed to become founding partners.

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