Ohio Group is Cleaning Up Hotels

by Rusty Pugh

(AgapePress) - An Ohio-based family values group has launched a campaign to help individuals and families stay away from hotels that offer in-room pornography.

The campaign, called CleanHotels.com, offers a website that lists hotels that carry pornography, and those that do not. The information is supplied to the website by volunteers who survey hotels in their community, then report their findings via the website.

Phil Burress is president of the Cincinnati-based group Citizens for Community Values, which is sponsoring the campaign. Burress says his group is going on the offensive to stop hotel porn.

"This is proactive, and we're giving people a choice," Burress explains. "I think once they know which hotels offer hard-core pornographic movies in their rooms, that they will choose to stay somewhere else. What woman or family wants to stay in a hotel where the man in the next room is viewing hard-core pornographic material?"

Burress believes families deserve to know which establishments are showing porn in their rooms.

"Education is what our campaign is about, and we're going to give people an alternative, and it's not just families," he says. "We're also looking to church conventions and businesses that want their employees staying in hotels that do not offer hard-core pornography because frankly, some of these hotel leaders have told us that the businessmen are demanding it."

Within the next six months, Burress says his group hopes to have surveyed hotels in every major city in America. Citizens for Community Values was successful last summer in getting a major hotel in Cincinnati to cease offering pay-per-view porn movies to its guests.

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