Vietnam Exhibits 'New Low' in Christian Persecution

Tribulation and torture for bold Christians in Vietnam is at an all-time low.
by Allie Martin

(AgapePress) - Police in Vietnam appear to be stepping up their persecution of Christians in that country.

Last month underground church services were raided and believers were sprayed with an unidentified chemical agent in two separate attacks. Victims of the attacks report the chemical gas causes seizures and uncontrollable shaking.

Todd Nettleton, with Voice of the Martyrs, says the attacks represent a new low in the persecution of Christians in Vietnam.

"We have heard stories from Mong believers of being arrested, being beaten by the police, [and] we have even heard stories of Mong Christians having boiling water poured down their throats in order to get them to identify where they had gotten a copy of the scripture in the Mong language," Nettleton says. "But we have never before heard of this type of chemical attack on Christian believers."

Nettleton says the acts of persecution should generate a huge outcry.

"I think if this had taken place in Baghdad, it would be all over the news and everyone would be in an uproar," he says. "Since it took place in North Vietnam, maybe people haven't heard about it yet, but it is just as atrocious, and it should result in just as much outcry as if it happened in Baghdad."

Voice of the Martyrs urges American Christians to contact the Vietnam embassy and urge a halt to the attacks.

Editor's Note: You can remain quiet and hope that evil goes away, or you can declare the Word of God, and His judgements. Who will speak up for the oppressed? Isaiah 1:17

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