Catholics Oppose Homosexuality

Dear Editor,

Your comment that the Catholic Church allows homosexuals to work with children in the Big Brother/Sister Organization is almost as ludicrous as your comment in the previous magazine that 50-60% of Catholic priests are homosexual. Those are just plain out right lies. The church has always, always been against the sin of homosexuality for 2,000 years. It is a serious sin.

If you are talking about priest child abusers, if you want statistics, of the 48,000 priests in the U.S. less than 300 were under indictment, granted one is bad enough but even the Good Lord had one bad apple out of twelve.

So you are knocking our organization that agrees 100% with your magazines philosophy, long before your magazine ever existed. That includes not only the sin of homosexuality but also the devastating sin of abortion, which is killing the country. I would like to see your magazine come down hard on abortion.

So why attack your friends when we need each other, divide and conquer only serves one person and that is the devil.

So whether you (Editor) like Catholics or not, please realize they are on your side. As a Catholic, I really enjoy your magazine.

Ron Novak, Parma Hts.

Editors Response

Dear Mr. Novak,

I can understand how upset you are to hear that the Catholic Big Brother/Big Sister program allows homosexuals to join their program and work as mentors to children. This news, however, is not limited to Connection readers as even the secular media also ran the story.

As far as numbers go, recently there were 100 Catholic priests, (in Northeast Ohio alone) named as pedophiles and sexual offenders. However, the statute of limitations hindered prosecution of most of those cases. Regarding the number of homosexual priests, I have heard one Catholic priest on CNN claim that 25% of his fellow priests were homosexuals while another priest claimed that 50% of his fellow priests were homosexuals. You may be interested to note that a homosexual newspaper poll recently reported that 18% of Catholic priests polled admitted that they were homosexuals. Consider this in light of the fact that only about 2% of Americans engage in the sin of homosexuality and some of them are women.

I'm sorry that I gave you the impression that I hate Catholics. I'm sure there are many Catholics that have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Unfortunately, most erroneously believe that they are eligible for eternal life in Heaven through Mary, repetitive prayers, Purgatory and/or the Catholic Church.

Because I do love Catholics, I am compelled to leave my comfort zone, make an unpopular stand and expose falsehood. It's my prayer and hope that those who are lost, blind and misled may come to see the truth, follow Jesus and trust that His blood alone washes away sin and qualifies them for eternal life.

Remember, any doctrine that teaches there is a way to remove sins, other than through the blood of Jesus, is an anti-christ doctrine.

May God continue to shine His light on all darkness so that all may come to the light of His saving grace. May all Catholics personally know the saving power of Jesus' blood and boast of this great gift of salvation.

Sincerely, Jon Hanna

Get A Circus Job, Muhammad Is A Prophet

The Editor Connection Magazine,

I am an avid reader of your newspaper. However, I was disappointed to read your reply to the letter of Mr. Imad. You tried to be funny to suggest that you knew the meaning of his name. Please show some respect to your readers. I have been told that names in other cultures have usually good meanings. If you want to be funny then get a job in a circus.

I am a believer but at the same time I also want to be respectful of other people's belief. How can we expect others to respect Jesus and our religion if we do not show the simple human courtesy of respect for their belief? I was told by some people that Muslims always say "peace be upon him/them" when they mention the names of Abraham, Moses, Jesus or other Biblical prophets. Rev. Falwell and Rev. Graham etc., on the other hand, condemn the Prophet of Islam. How sad!

In my opinion, we can only do a good job of bringing the Good News to others when we demonstrate superiority of our message through our words and deeds.

Unconfirmed Writer, Akron

Editor's Response:

The Holy Bible leads me to know that Islam is a false religion and Muhammad is a false prophet. Jesus Christ said, "I am the way, the truth and the Life, and no man comes to the father but by me". Muslims try to patronize Christians by saying Jesus was just a good prophet but they are not taught that He is Lord and Savior. Therefore, I will not agree with their doctrine of Jesus and I will not patronize them and pretend that their religion is valid. Your judgement of me was also wrong, as I was not trying to be funny when I asked Imad N. Saad about the origin of His name. Some Muslims have formerly had American names before having their name changed and I thought he may have taken his name based on the play of words, 'I'm mad and sad'.

Remember, Jesus isn't just a good prophet as the Muslims falsely contend, Jesus is Lord and Savior. Jesus is King. This is no time for weak-kneed, milk-toast, hokey-pokey Christianity. It's time to contend for the truth no matter what the cost. Lives depend on it. Souls depend on it. Concealing the truth of salvation to be kind isn't kind, it's cruel. Study Paul in the book of Acts and see how he had to make many bold stands for the truth in the face of opposition. Consider the opposition Jesus had and how many were offended at Him.

I pray that all Muslims would know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Sincerely, Jon Hanna

Where Do Arabs and Jews Worship Jesus Together?

Dear sir,

On page 16, of your December issue of Connection Magazine, there's an amazing story about a former Israeli soldier and an ex-militant Palestinian who reveal true hope for peace in the Middle East. Can you tell me some information where I can meet people here in Cleveland? Is this really true?

Where do I meet such people?

Christ is the answer! I am one who was born and raised in the Mideast, but know no Jews and Muslem Arabs who meet together, to worship the Lord. I am a Christian Arab.

Please Help,Richard Eadeh, Cleveland

Editors Response:

Dear Mr. Eadeh,

Yes, it's true that when people become Christians they are able to unite in spite of past history, nationality or former beliefs. While I don't know of any specific ministry in Northeast Ohio focuses on uniting Christian Arabs and Christian Jews, there are many churches where a variety of nationalities worship Jesus. Perhaps your just the person God will use to start an Arab/Jewish Christian ministry? (Proverbs 3:5&6)

In Christ's Service, Jon Hanna

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