Adventurous Entrepreneur Trusts God, Builds Churches
by Allie Martin

(AgapePress) - While most successful business executives look forward to spending their retirement relaxing, one Christian businessman has spent his retirement traveling the globe, helping Christians build churches.

In her book The God Who Hung on the Cross, Ellen Vaughn profiles the life of businessman Dois Rosser. At 81, Rosser travels to remote parts of the world, giving money to Christians who want to build churches. He has used most of his fortune to start International Cooperating Ministries, which helps plant churches in developing nations. More than 1,200 churches have been built or are under construction because of the efforts of the 16-year-old ministry.

Vaughn says Rosser's story proves that many Christian businessmen use their resources to spread God's Word across the globe.

"I had known him for years. He's a close friend of Chuck Colson's and is on Prison Fellowship's board of directors, so I knew Dois," Vaughn says, "but I didn't know he was an adventurer who has traveled all over the world and given the vast amount of his estate toward the work of building churches and orphanages and schools in Third World countries.

"He's an incredible guy who is living what the scriptures encourage us to do in a very radical way." Vaughn says the book, co-authored by Rosser, will encourage Christians to do more for the gospel. "It may not be the exact same journey in the ways that God has used Dois Rosser, but as any of us are yielded, God will really surprise us," she says.

The author encourages believers not to impose human limitations on God. "We need to get out of our limited expectations of who God is and what He can do with us, and trust Him for mighty things," Vaughn says. "That makes each day an adventure - to [ask] 'O God, what would You have me do today, right where I am?'"

With the blessing of their three daughters, Rosser and his wife donated their entire estate to their work abroad.

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