Public Schools May Be Subjected to Lawsuits
by Jim Brown

(AgapePress) - A pro-family activist says public school officials very often ignore parents' wishes regarding sex education in general, and specifically, the promotion of homosexual behavior.

Gary Glenn is president of the American Family Association of Michigan. Glenn is urging parents to alert their local public school officials to a recent Zobgy poll on attitudes toward sex education in public schools. The poll found that by more than a 4-to-1 margin, parents disapprove or strongly disapprove of teaching young people that homosexual relationships can be as satisfying as heterosexual relationships.

Glenn says the finding is encouraging, but not at all surprising. He says parents' overwhelming opposition to teaching young children in school that homosexual is normal or positive is very well-founded.

"Scientific and medical research indicate that individuals who engage in homosexual behavior are at dramatically higher risk of domestic violence, mental illness, life-threatening disease, and even premature death by up to 20 years, according to an Oxford University publication," he says.

Glenn believes the only prudent course of action for school officials is to make sure that classrooms are not normalizing or promoting homosexuality, and that children's health is not put at risk by pro-homosexual public school curriculum or "diversity days" that attempt to teach kids that it is "okay" to be homosexual.

"Even homosexual activists' legal foundations agree that public school officials who allow children to be taught that homosexual behavior is a positive lifestyle alternative may be guilty of a tort of negligence," he says.

Glenn says that could happen if young children, based on what they hear at school, experiment in homosexual behavior and fall victim to physical, mental, or emotional harm.

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