Secular Poll Confirms Mushy Belief System Among American Christians
by Fred Jackson and Jim Brown

(AgapePress) - A new poll indicates that while the majority of Americans say they believe the basic concepts of the Bible, there's also a growing acceptance of other religious beliefs - even among those who call themselves "Christian."

A new Harris poll found that more than two-thirds of adult Americans believe in hell, but only 1% expect to go there. The poll also found that 90% of the more than 2,000 adults surveyed believe in God, 82% believe in heaven, half believe in ghosts, almost a third believe in astrology, and more than a quarter believe in reincarnation.

As might be expected, Harris found that younger adults, those in the 25-to-29 range, tended to be far more accepting of the non-biblical teachings than older Americans. According to WorldNetDaily, the poll results also indicate that women are more likely than men to hold both Christian and non-Christian beliefs.

Christian pollster George Barna reported similar results in a survey he did last fall. His conclusion was that a large share of church-going Americans have adopted beliefs that conflict with the Bible and their churches.

Barna also reported last year that in separate surveys of adults and teens, the vast majority of respondents said there is no such thing as "absolute truth."

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