Sara Groves, Taking her Place
"Everyone has an important part"

Sara Groves recently visited Cleveland on the iworship tour.

Naming Groves' many roles is easy: She's a wife, a mother, a songwriter, and a storyteller. She's a preacher whose pulpit is a piano bench. And it's work she doesn't take lightly, a job she didn't initially choose but knows now she's been called to. Groves joins the Worship tour this spring.

Some families pass down recipes or photographs or fine china silver. Groves' grandfather left behind a legacy of serving. Shortly before his death from cancer in 1996, he began looking for someone to carry on his work. Wanting to ease her grandfather's worries, Sara assured him someone would come forward to step into his well-worn shoes. Little did she know it would be her.

While her grandfather worked with a hammer, Sara uses words. "I feel like I'm part of something much bigger than myself," she says. And so she is. "It's God's math. The Lord multiplies everything so people I've never met before in places I've never traveled to are being affected, not that if I quit the ministry the world would fall apart. But I do know if I don't play my part, people miss out. If anyone doesn't play his or her part in the Kingdom, we all miss out."

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