Abduction, Murder of Missionaries by Terrorists Forces Workers to Weigh New Global Risks
Terrorists groups use abductions to advance activities

Sandford, Florida - The fate of three missionaries still haunts families of those who have returned to the U.S. to sort through the loss. Terrorists communist guerillas from Columbia crossed the Panama border in 1993 and abducted David Mankins, Mark Rich and Rick Tenenoff. They have not been seen since.

Nancy Mankins served seven years in a jungle village in Panama before the fateful night her husband was taken at gunpoint. The terrorist group, FARC (Columbian Communist Party) has carried out bombings, murder, kidnapping, extortion and highjackings to exert their curious kind of political blackmail.

In Hostage (W-Publishing), Mankins details life within the Kuna village and explains the heart-wrenching pain of not knowing whether her husband was dead or alive. "Our dear husbands were in the midst of this tragic and senseless evil," says Mankins who struggled to get conclusive answers for more than three years.

"We had no contact with our husbands. No conversations. No letters delivered to them from us, and we did not receive any letter from them" Mankins recalls. She refers to the "missing years" as a time when none of the families could get any solid answers.

Though the hostage wives have never recovered their husbands' remains, they believe there is overwhelming evidence they were shot to death by the terrorists. In 1996, one FARC defector led Columbian authorities to a spot where he believes the three Christian men were being held before the fatal shots were fired. For Mankins, the possibility of abduction was a remote possibility she and her husband discussed several years beforehand.

As terrorism gains momentum around the globe, Mankins believes the persecution of Christians and the death of western missionaries will escalate. The question facing many Believers today is whether they are prepared to risk their lives, families, and future for the sake of spreading the Gospel message.

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