NASCAR Truck Series
Racing is no longer his 'god'.
by Doug Greengard

Randy MacDonald

Randy MacDonald's job keeps him going in circles literally. As a driver on the NASCAR Truck Series, MacDonald is always trying to make his #72 truck reach the highest level of performance in his quest to take the checkered flag. Winning, MacDonald knows, is the ultimate goal in racing. But the Thomasville, North Carolina resident has come to realize a greater purpose for his presence on the NASCAR circuit. "We have a job to do," said MacDonald. "If we believe in Christ and He's the Lord and Savior of our life, we need to tell others. Faith comes by hearing. If we don't ever say anything, then there's lost people who are going to hell everyday. I can be doing the Lord's will by telling others about my Lord and Savior." To be a witness for Christ, MacDonald has his three P's: Pray, prepare and participate. MacDonald explains: "If we pray, we ask God to lead us to the lost. If we're prepared, we know what to say when we get witnessing opportunities. Then, when God opens the door and we step forward in boldness and proclaim the Gospel, that is better than winning any race at any time."

MacDonald is originally from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. He began racing at the age of 16 when he and his neighbor purchased a 1972 Chevelle and competed at a local track.

From those humble beginnings, MacDonald has made his way to the top ranks of NASCAR. In 2001, a horrible crash at Daytona Motor Speedway threatened to end his career. It also gave him a different perspective on racing. "For 18 years, Jesus was my Lord but racing was my god," he added. "The big lesson I have learned is that racing is like an addiction or a lifestyle, it's not just a job. It consumes you. You have to chase your dream. You have to chase it hard and you can't give up. But at the same time, you have to keep the Lord number One."

MacDonald has also learned that his identity cannot be wrapped up in his performance. He has come to understand that success while it is nice, is not what defines him. "No matter if I win the race or lose the race, Christ still loves me," said MacDonald, who made NASCAR history when he and Cherry became the first brother and sister to compete on the same track together. "Knowing my right standing with God makes me valuable. Not so much in the world, but it makes me valuable to my Lord."

No matter where Randy MacDonald is in the pack, he is running a good race as he fights the good fight of faith.

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