Jami Smith Knows The Sweetest and Truest Companion

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Jami Smith

Worship artist Jami Smith first became involved in music ministry while attending Oklahoma Baptist University. During her sophomore year, the campus minister asked her to be a part of the worship team to help plan the worship services on campus.

“I reluctantly accepted the call because our meetings were at 7:30 in the morning,” laughs Jami. “After a lot of donuts and Coke we began to plan how we could get students on our campus involved in discovering the joy of adoring the Lord through song and prayer… I learned a great deal from that experience.”

In the years to follow Jami watched her campus embrace corporate contemporary worship. She also worked for the Baptist Sunday Board the summers of ’92, ’93, and ’94 for its Centrifuge program. According to Jami, Centrifuge allowed her to “learn worship leading by experience.”

By graduation in the spring of ’93, Jami was certain that God was calling her into full-time worship ministry. But, she wasn’t sure of how her parents would take the news. “After all, they had just paid for my entire college education,” she explains. “My concern was that they would want me to get ‘a real job’.” But, God had already prepared the way.

With her parents’ blessing, Jami hit the road. By that point, word about the young artist was spreading and invitations from retreats, churches and campuses were flooding in.

“I remember the excitement in going to new places and in meeting new people,” said Jami. “However, it was very difficult to be such a loner and I struggled with always being in a different place with different people constantly. I longed for some security and a strong community of Christian friends.”

“With hindsight, I realize that God was teaching me things that were eventually going to strengthen my relationship with Him,” she continues, “I will never forget all that I learned in those first 2-3 years. God brought me through to a better understanding of what He was and is calling me to do. I am still learning. He taught me that He is my sweetest company and my truest companion. What a good lesson! He also blessed me with new friends who challenged me both spiritually and musically. I thank God for those times.”

Jami continued touring, leading worship for a variety of churches and ministries including Student Life, Awe-Star, WMU, Hot Hearts, Super Summer, Youth Ministers’ Conclave, Youth Evangelism Conferences, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Passion and Baptist Student Ministries. She also traveled to Germany, Russia, Turkey, and Africa.

In between travel and worship concerts, Jami recorded six independent CDs before singing with modern worship label Vertical Music in 1999. That same year, she released a self-titled debut that garnered critical acclaim for her powerhouse vocals and simple, passionate lyrics. In 2001, Jami returned to her alma mater, Oklahoma Baptist University, where she recorded a live worship album titled “Home” which broadened her listening audience.

“I want to show students the love of God,” says Jami of her ministry. “I want to help them realize He is our creator and He has made us to be worshipers. We get so confused… we often worship everything and everyone else. I have found satisfaction for my soul in worshipping God. It is better than life! I pray that God will raise up a generation of obedient Christ imitators and worshipers.”

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