by Bill Fancher and Fred Jackson

(AgapePress) President Bush is working hard to sell the idea of his "road map to peace". American supporters of Israel are not very happy with the president's direction.

Conservative Christian commentator Janet Parshall is one of those Israeli supporters who does not favor the Bush road map. In fact, she is urging American Christians to become actively involved in lobbying against the plan.

"It's a time of prayer, it's a time of remembering history, and it's a time of understanding that now more than ever before we need to speak up and not just pray for the peace of Jerusalem," Parshall says.

Parshall says any attempt to establish peace between Palestinians and Jews has a built-in hurdle: the charter of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
"The charter calls for the destruction of the Jews," she states. "To this moment, that charter has not changed. How do you broker peace with one party who is bent on your destruction?"

Parshall says as long as Palestinian groups are urging the destruction of Israel, it will be hard to negotiate a peace of any kind. President Bush is trying to do just that, but Parshall says it could wind up being a colossal waste of time.
She points out that the president has said he will not negotiate with the terrorist-supporting leader of the Palestinians, Yassar Arafat. An indignant Arafat boasted he may not be at the table -- but his word will be the last word before any deal is cut.

'M' Is for Martyr

Meanwhile, a report says the Palestinian Authority Education Ministry has just announced the ten first-place winners in a children's letter-writing contest. Pro-family advocate Gary Bauer says out of a million entries, the ten that were selected all had the same themes: glorifying violence, hatred for Israel and the United States, martyrdom, and killing.

As Bauer notes, in Israel and the U.S., students expressing such sentiments would be candidates for counseling. But in the Palestinian-controlled areas, such hatred is honored and rewarded.

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