What Made Jesus' Life So Unique?


ORLANDO, FLORIDA (March 12) Though Jesus lived to only 33, his exceptional life continues to captivate hundreds of millions of followers in the twenty-first century.

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 His life and death have been a lightening rod of belief, skepticism, anger, relief, and supreme sacrifice. Even those who reject his divinity acknowledge the profound impact of Jesus' life.

In How to Be Like Jesus (Faith Communications), Pat Williams explains the logical impossibility or paradox of living like Jesus. "In all of history, there has never been anyone like Jesus," says Williams. "There will never be anyone like him again. No human being–no king, statesman, general, author, scientist, preacher, or philosopher–has ever had the impact on society and history that Jesus had."
Williams, the vice president of the NBA's Orlando Magic, explains the qualities that made Jesus the most unusual person to ever live. He outlines seventeen qualities that show the distinctiveness of Jesus. In a modern world fraught with unforgiveness, self-centeredness, and arrogance, Jesus forgave, served, endured and eventually gave up his life.

The communication style, leadership qualities and principles that Jesus demonstrated are rarely replicated and often dismissed as "ineffective" in our fast-paced, high-tech world. Yet Jesus invested himself in just twelve key people who would eventually turn the world upside down. "Jesus made a powerful first impression," says Williams. His keen use of stories often cut to the heart of a person's deepest motive. These enabled him to reach skeptics, seekers, soldiers, religious leaders, and common people of all backgrounds.

Like the example that Jesus gave, Williams says "If we want to be like Jesus, we must not be afraid to stand out in contrast to the world around us." Of course, this cost Jesus his life. His willingness to grieve with those who hurt, to lead by example, to endure in the midst of hardship, and remain humble when pressed with overwhelming crowds provide a clear road map for those of us who are drawn by the siren song of wealth, fame, or external success.

How to Be Like Jesus is a blueprint for success in any endeavor in life–business, parenting, or ministry. It underscores the qualities–love, forgiveness, service, endurance, focus, obedience–that are criteria for becoming the kind of people who can change our own world.

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