Gay People Can Change

On May 9th, 2001 the Spitzer Report was being reported on throughout the country. Dr. Spitzer released a study claiming “Gay’s Can Change!”

When this happened I contacted the local media. So far, ABC TV5 was the only one to do a local report. Not only am I of ‘those’ who believe change is possible, but I was part of the study! The following is taken from an Exodus Int. press release:

ABC News confronted Spitzer with the claim by some gays that “change therapy” causes damage, depression and even suicide among clients who are not successful in finding change. “There’s no doubt that many homosexuals have been unsuccessful and, attempting to change, become depressed and their life becomes worse,” Dr. Spitzer responded. “I’m not disputing that. What I am disputing is that it is invariably the outcome.”

“In Fact, he said, to dismiss his survey would be to dismiss an awful lot of psychological and psychiatric research. The methods used in designing his study are the same as those used to determine the effectiveness of drugs, he says.”

According to the ABC report, Spitzer asked subjects “very detailed questions not only about sexual attraction, but also about fantasies during masturbation and sex, and yearnings for romantic and emotional involvement with the same sex and a variety of other variables that indicate sexual orientation. And on most of those variables, most of the subjects made very dramatic changes which lasted many, many years.”

“The assumption that people can’t change is a political conclusion rather than a scientific conclusion,” said Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, director of NARTH and an Exodus member. “It points to the influential gay lobbyists within the profession, of which there are many. When we issued a study in 2000, saying more than 800 people had changed, it was pushed to the side. But when Spitzer issues this, it has to be listened to because of his track record as a gay advocate.”

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