'Find Out What Pleases the Lord' -- Predecessor to Worship
by Allie Martin

Matt Redman

AgapePress …One of the most respected and prolific songwriters in the praise and worship movement is trying to help others draw closer to the Lord.

In his new book The Heart of Worship Files, Matt Redman has compiled tips from other leaders in the praise and worship movement to help people sharpen their desire to know Jesus and make Him known to others. The book also provides biblical insight and hands-on advice on how to lead worship and be a passionate worshiper.

Redman explains what it means to have a heart of true worship.

"Ephesians 5:10 says 'find out what pleases the Lord' -- and I think that's a great first step in worship," the songwriter says. "Before we do anything, think anything, or say anything, find out what pleases the Lord. Get into His Word and find out the sort of things that please the heart of God [and] what kind of offering God delights in."

Redman says the biggest enemy to true worship is one's self -- dying to self, taking up the cross, and following Jesus.

"It's true so often in worship, whether we're talking about congregational times or about life itself," he says. "It seems like our selfishness and self-righteousness often try to get in the way -- and every time they do, we need to bow down and try and offer God something pure, something real, something deep and meaningful."

Redman has written such songs as "The Heart of Worship," "Better is One Day," and "Let Everything That Has Breath." Contributors to The Heart of Worship Files include Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio, Tim Hughes, and others.

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