How to Build a Great Marriage

Avoiding Common Pitfalls Statistics show couples who cohabitate before marriage divorce more frequently. The first year of marriage is supposed to be the best, right? You're in love, you've vowed to make your marriage the best ever, you've even started regular date night. But, surprisingly, marriage isn't that easy after all.

Maybe your communication styles-the ones that worked so well before you were married-have changed. Perhaps the in-laws are getting in the way, or sex isn't as terrific as you thought it would be, or the checkbook never seems to balance. And now you're wondering what happened to the glorious feelings of love and hope that crowned your wedding day.

The authors caution that cohabitation is not the answer. Those couples who live together before they marry are more likely to get divorced than those couples who simply work through their differences during marriage or in premarital counseling. A report by the National Marriage Project found cohabiting couples tend to weaken the institution of marriage and pose a clear danger to the security of women and children.

The first year of marriage doesn't have to be a disappointment. What it should be is the most important year in the life of a man and woman. Robert and Bobbie Wolgemuth and Mark and Susan DeVries, combine their years of experience in a unique book that puts that first year of marriage in a whole new light. This is a one-cover, two-book package. One side is The Most Important Year in a Woman's Life: What Every Bride Should Know and the other side The Most Important Year in a Man's Life: What Every Groom Should Know (Zondervan).

Susan DeVries and Bobbie Wolgemuth share with brides the most exciting secrets of what it takes to build a great marriage. Among many other issues, they talk about truth, about friendship, money, in-laws, sex and communication. These women share what it really means to be married and what it takes to build a great marriage from the start.

Robert Wolgemuth and Mark DeVries talk straight to men about differing communication styles, sex, conflict, family of origin, and the man's expedition in finding ways to please his wife. There are bulleted points, charts and simple lists. It features real-life stories from newly married couples as well as from the first years of the author's marriages. It guides couples into making their first year of marriage the "wet cement" year, the best it can be.

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