Bob Estes, PGA Tour Player

by Doug Greengard

Bob Estes

If you ask Bob Estes, life is a lot like golf. To properly stay, you might say, in the swing of things, there are techniques and principals that must be put into action. In his Christian walk, reading the Bible, praying and spending time with those of like faith are key elements that lead to Godly success. "I try to apply the same type of discipline to my Christian walk as I do my golf game and my working out," said Estes, who follows a strict routine that includes weightlifting, agility exercises, a healthy diet and short-distance sprints. "It all kind of plays off each other. By having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I don't want to let Him down and I don't want to let my friends and family down. It makes it easy to want to do what is right."

Estes, who has notched four victories since he began playing on the PGA Tour in 1989, has long had his golf game in order. He began playing when he was four and set his sights on being a professional at the age of 12. Raised in a Christian household, the Austin, Texas resident began to take his faith as seriously as his golf game shortly after he landed on the PGA Tour scene. Golf is his profession, but Christ has become his passion. "When I'm talking to youth groups or other people, one thing I talk about is perspective and priorities," added Estes. "I realize that golf is just what I do and not who I am. It makes it easier to deal with all the bad things that happen in golf, and there are a lot of them. You don't get to win that often. Golf is something that we try to perfect but we can't. It can really bring you down if you let it. I'm glad I have that relationship with Christ. I don't let the golf get me down the way I see it happen to a lot of other guys."

Because the foundation of his life has been built on Jesus Christ, Estes was better able to handle the recent end of a relationship that, at one point, included the possibility of marriage. Their decision to stop dating one another was mutual. "With as many people who are going through divorce in this country, and not just non-Christians but in the church as well, we sure didn't want to make the wrong decision and rush into something like that," said Estes. "We gave it plenty of time and prayed about it a lot. And I think we made the right decision to let each other find the person that God has chosen for us out there."

Estes has found that being in tune with the Holy Spirit has helped him avoid life's many hazards.

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