Schlessinger Lets Loose on Public Education, Mainstream Media

by Jim Brown

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

(AgapePress)  A popular conservative radio talk-show host is blasting the mainstream media for ignoring the fact that most American parents object to comprehensive sex education being taught in public schools.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger is outraged that the press chose not to even acknowledge a recent Zogby poll that showed nearly 3 in 4 parents opposed the content of sex ed programs. That is one of the reason the best-selling author is continuing her call for parents to remove their children from the public school system.

Schlessinger says one of the many strong arguments for leaving government schools is to prevent young children from being exposed to explicit sex education in the classroom.

"In many states, minor children can be taken out of school for birth control or for psychiatric examination without the knowledge and consent of parents," she says.

"To imagine that somebody else will take control of your own children, to imagine that they will teach them and direct them toward behaviors that most major religions find unacceptable, is altogether pretty horrifying -- and I think that the public schools, in general, have become indoctrination centers."

Schlessinger says it is no small wonder the science and math scores of American students pale in comparison to those in many Third World countries, when public schools are spending all their time on social engineering and days of silence for sexual behaviors that are against Biblical scriptures.

And as far as media bias in reporting poll findings that are not politically correct, Schlessinger says books like Tammy Bruce's The New Thought Police and Bernie Goldberg's Bias have revealed that left-leaning individuals typically enter careers like journalism and hire each other -- so there is no diversity of thought or fair presentation. Instead she says, they are promoting an agenda.

"Look how CNN is being protected," Schlessinger says, in reference to the recent scandal about CNN withholding information about the brutal nature of the Saddam Hussein regime. "If Fox News had been accused of hiding information about butchering and tortures and rapes, [it] would be shut down by the rest of the media."

But since it was CNN -- which Schlessinger describes as "the cornerstone of the left-leaning media" -- she says it is being protected. "And the only people talking about it are 'conservative' talk-show hosts on radio," she says, "and that has a limited amount of power, obviously, but it's a huge scandal."

Schlessinger says when facts contradict the liberal media's agenda, they hide -- just like CNN hid information about atrocities in Iraq in order to protect their own ability to be in that country.

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